About Us

Green Capital Holdings is the holding company of multiple subsidiaries which invest in human-earth capital. Founded in 21st Century, the company understands the importance of the interaction between people and nature and continues investing in similar businesses. Each of our subsidiary is driven by our fundamental values, focusing on the following:

Human Capital

Our success starts with tapping into human capital. Our ethos guide us through the principle of “One for all – All for one”. Every business that we’ve invested in focuses on delivering the best results to our co-habitants on this planet. by focusing on their needs. Agriculture, Energy & Real estate which are the basic needs for human survival continue to be our core businesses, driven by our binding principles.

Earth Capital

Since the time of dawn, humans derived everything from earth and its atmosphere. We owe our existence to the nature’s willingness to allocate its resources to us. Every human investment is derived directly/indirectly from resources that are not founded by us.

Hence, we consider our second biggest guiding principle as Earth Capital.

As we reap the benefits from natural resources, we strive to share the spoils and give back as much. Our allegiance to earth is the reason for our Minerals, Renewable Energy and Mining businesses. We intend to run the business with all humility towards Earth and the usage of its resources


Crests and Troughs,  similar to Waves, are fundamental property of every business and we acknowledge the same. Investments in both human capital and Earth capital may not reap the returns desired, if we do not respect these waves.

Our inorganic growth is initiated by understanding the opportune moments in business. We identify companies that face critical inflection points and where our presence can add value.

Complex – simple Topography

Similar to Earth’s complex topography, running businesses is a complex issue, but understanding the bigger picture provides the required clarity and leads to simpler solutions.

Our team involved in simplifying the business problems, have allowed us to turn-around businesses in stressed situations that are in need of both capital and management expertise.

Hence our investments are in businesses that are constantly undergoing change or involve complex situations. We continue to look forward to opportunities that challenge our desire to excel.

Stakeholders & Shareholders

Our businesses continue to satisfy our investors and shareholders with better returns and investments in businesses year on year. Our experience has taught us to value the role of each stakeholder and we appreciate the efforts by all these stakeholders in the smoother running of operations.

Hence, we try to address the specific needs of each our stakeholders including employees, consumers, neighbourhoods and agencies that we interact with. Our corporate policies including Employee, CSR and others are derived from the same and we continue our focus in successful implementation of the same.

Long-term relationships

We value transparency, intellectual honesty and thoughtfulness and are drawn to partners that share these values. We take a long-term view to building our business and seek to foster career lasting relationships wherever possible.